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What you really need is a flexible mind. The physical flexibility will come, but only if you have a flexible mind that despite not fulfilling the general “yogi” image you will jump on the yoga mat first, second and third time. As we all have a unique genetics, physical movement and injury history etc. we often have questions like this or "where should I feel this pose".


In my classes I will support and guide you to explore the alignment in the poses,

figuring out what supports your current body and practice. 



 I teach / share different styles of yoga to create practice that supports my clients to thrive in the current moment in life. 

You already know the general health benefits of yoga, building strength, balance and longevity. Together the sequences of movement & breath energises but also releases tension and stale energy in the body. This allows change as emotional and energetic shifts to take place so that life can flow through you with ease.

Invigorating The Rocket vinyasa yoga class will prepare you for a handstand but also it will wake up and balance, up / down regulate the nervous system by synchronising the movement with an equal breath. Restorative yoga class is a collective nap time and it offers an opportunity for recovery, healing and a deep parasympathetic nervous system activation by resting peacefully in supported poses on the mat.

Yoga and I will meet you where you are, offering information and support to build practice that will serve you in this moment in life.



Your body is incredibly wise. It knows and communicates its needs with you daily, including right now in this moment.

The question here is: "Are you listening?"


 The practice of yoga including a sequence of movement, breathing techniques and meditation can support you to develop stronger body- and self-awareness, promoting balance (homeostasis) inside and out.

What you will get? I will provide:

  • a sequence to practice yoga at home (without expensive equipments)

  • information to practice and vary the physical yoga postures according to your need

  • tools to release excess stress, support physical recovery and balance (stress awareness)

  • practice to connect within, promoting body-mind connection (self and body awareness)

  • tools to calm the mind and create clarity in daily your life off the mat (integrity)

What I need from you is openness, curiosity

and willingness to learn.

Are you ready ?

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