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"Take time to rest or
to be sick later"

Certified Yoga Instructor | Coach & Community Educator 

Tuuli Sofia is a lighthearted facilitator who has studied and practiced yoga over a decade. She has worked with different groups & individuals offering her classes, lectures, workshops and trainings on topics as stress management, social accessibility, nervous system health and biohacking worklife. She emphasises the importance of body-mind and stress awareness in everyday living. Tuuli Sofia facilitates invigorating and playful vinyasa yoga which she balances with restful and meditative yin and restorative yoga. She empowers people step beyond self limiting beliefs by creating a unique, inclusive and safe space for rest, rejuvenation & transformation.

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My story & my humble mission

I am very honoured to have you here and to be connecting with you.

I have been practicing yoga over a decade now and it is the feeling of integrity, unity and vitality that keep me coming back. I have practiced and studies different styles including Traditional Hatha in Finland, Iyengar yoga in Denmark and Bikram in Estonia. Today I am a certified as a yoga instructor in restful Yin and restorative yoga together with more invigorating modified ashtanga vinyasa yoga including modified primary series and The Rocket -sequences as taught by Larry Shultz. Together the sequences of movement & breath energises but also releases tension and stale energy in the body. This allows change as emotional and energetic shifts to take place so that life can flow through with ease.


Addition to yoga studies, I have a bachelor's degree as a community educator in NGO studies and youth and leisure work. These including the ongoing coaching studies has provided me with knowledge to work with different people and groups, to observe the patterns, pain points, listen actively and support in resolving conflicts and promoting sense of purpose. In my classes or lectures I combine these passions with touch the topics I am studying in that moment as now TCM, nervous system health, breath and energy work.

Yoga is a science and I am grateful to the teachers before me, Krishnamacharya and Larry Schultz for passing down the wisdom and the incredibly intelligent practices and sequences that I practice and share today and therefore I have the honour to witness and facilitate unity and transformation on and off the mat.

Now I want to share it all with you. I am ready to meet you where you are.  


Tallinn, Estonia

London, UK


+372 58532991



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