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rest is my passion

Emotions as overwhelm, tiredness, anxiety are Energy in MOTION. You can learn to work with the energies that pass through your body, to clear, balance, soften and rejuvenate. I share my knowledge with science-based methods to overcome excess stress, tiredness and find clarity within chaos. I am here to remind you that rest is much more than the time when your head hits the pillow. You are human BEING, not human doing after all.

Welcome to make rest your priority & passion.

"Take time to rest or
to be sick later"

Certified Yoga Instructor | Coach & Community Educator 

Tuuli Sofia has studied and practiced yoga over a decade. She is certified in invigorating and playful rocket vinyasa sequences together with restful and meditative yin and restorative yoga practice. She has been honoured to work with different groups & individuals offering her classes, seminars, retreats and trainings in Europe and UK. She offers talks to communities and organisations about science of yoga, nervous system health, work-life balance, rest, energy levels and stress management. She is a lighthearted facilitator who empowers people to pause, to be and explore their existing self limiting beliefs to improve their daily life towards more joy and restfulness. Her classes offer a unique, inclusive and safe space for rest, rejuvenation & transformation. Recently she has settled to South-West London where she teaches weekly classes.

My story & mission

I am a holistic yoga teacher with community focus. On the yoga mat and in my teachings, my motivation flows from the power of connection and compassion. One affects the other so by healing, you generate healing around you and so the ripples go. I am deeply inspired how yoga unites us, builds resilience & cultivates the sense of belonging.

I have been practicing and studying various branches of yoga over a decade around Europe. Today I am a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa, The Rocket Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Restorative yoga Instructor.

As a community educator and coach I have had the opportunity to work with individuals and groups, offering support at different group stages including conflict resolution & cohesion building. I have the honour to share my knowledge on stress management, energy levels and self-awareness through impactful seminar series and workshops.

I am here to support remind people of the power of rest, to live with more joy and intention. At the end of the day, I encourage you to not take life too seriously, ride this journey of life with curiosity & keep sharing what is.

View my offerings to see what matches your need best.


my story & mission

the roots 

I am grateful for all the teachers before me, especially Krishnamacharya and Larry Schultz for passing down the wisdom, science, intelligent methods & sequences that I practice & share today. I thank the teachers that live among me, my community, family, husband and friends. I am honoured to witness and facilitate unity & transformation on and off the mat.

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