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Personalised classes
One-on-One Classes

are built based on your personal interests and needs. We will start with a short clarity chat to set an intention and direction for the classes.

The general class includes guided flow through a series of postures, breathing techniques, meditation and / or a calming relaxation practice. Through out the class multiple variations will be offered allowing the practitioner to explore their practice and connect with the inner teacher.

Classes can be held online, home or at studio. 
here can be one or three participants (for groups more info here).

Price for the first private personalised class in 60€ including the consultation call. For packages and personalised pricing please contact me.

You can also offer this as a gift to someone, ask & book a class below.

Are you ready to explore and rejuvenate?

studio classes
Workshops and Trainings
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Join us to study, discover and practice yoga with Inbodhi yoga community around Europe

06 May – 14 May 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Yin & Restorative Yoga TT (50 Hours YACEP)

Spring Weekend Retreat

21 May 2023 Sunday in Tallinn, Estonia

Upside down - Inbodhi Inversions workshop 

22 May 2023 Sunday in Tallinn, Estonia

Upside down - Inbodhi Inversions workshop


02 Sept - 08 Sept 3023 in Algarve, Portugal

(re)connect: an INBODHI yoga retreat

Contact me for questions &
Book directly from the Inbodhi website through the links above.

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Upgrade your event or workspace

Are you looking for a group activity or way to increase the value and impact of your event? Yoga practice is an effective way to promote wellness and awareness, to increase focus and creativity but also to build a sense of belonging, cohesion and community.

This yoga class will be built to align with the event theme, time available and around the groups needs / interests. More active yoga practice is a great way to lift the energy and mood in the morning or in between seminars while calming yoga practice offers a space for a valuable introspection and digestion after the day. 

I have worked within diverse events, seminars, retreats and office spaces. Some of the past event collaborations:

Biohacker's Retreat 2021 & 2022, Estonia

Biohacker Summit 2022, Helsinki

Inbodhi Yoga teacher training 2022, Brighton

Inbodhi Yoga immersion retreat 2023, Algarve

To chat about the offers in more detail, book a free consultation call.

Ask anything &
Book a free consultation call 

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