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Personalised classes

Now is time for Yoga

Tuuli Sofia
Private Yoga Classes

Classes will be built based on your personal interests and needs. We will start with a short chat on yoga and to set a gentle goal meaning theme / area to focus during the classes.

The general class includes guided flow through series of postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation (dharana)

and / or a calming relaxation practice. I will be offering different variations, guiding towards stress- and body-awareness.

Classes can be held online, home or at studio in Tallinn and there can be one to two participants.

Are you ready to yoga? Read more on why yoga or schedule a chat to get the mat rolling.

studio classes
Group classes at Studio

I offer weekly classes at local yoga studio in Tallinn,

you are more than welcome to join us.

Check the updated Inbodhi Yoga Tallinn schedule and book your spot 

All my classes at the studio are beginner friendly and in english.

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Yoga at your event or office 
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Yoga practice is an effective way to promote general health, restore energy to increase focus but also to build a sense of community and belonging.

More active yoga practice is a great energiser and mood booster in between seminars while calming yoga practice offers a space for a valuable introspection and a pause to digest information after the day. It balances the nervous system and supports participants to be more focused and present.

I have facilitated yoga at wellness events, seminars, retreats and at office live and online. Class will always be built based on your / yours groups need, interests and time available.

Some of the past event collaborations:

Inversions workshops series 2022, Estonia

Feel Good -retreat 2021, Estonia

Biohacker's Retreat 2021, Estonia

Biohacker's Retreat 2022, Estonia

Biohacker Summit 2022, Helsinki

Are you ready to chat about all new opportunities and ways

how yoga can add a value to your event & community space? 

Read on why yoga?

Let's schedule a chat
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