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Journey to befriending stress
& prioritizing rest

Embark on a journey where we dive into the science of stress, nervous system health, types of rest & burnout. You will receive a toolkit of science-based methods and exercises tailored to your needs. Most importantly we will sit down to reflect & reshape the existing relationship with rest & stress to cultivate work-life-rest balance.

We will start slowly, build as we go & focus on integration so that you can enjoy the results right from the start. Meetings will be organised online and can be tailored to your needs.


Book a free consultation call to hear more

and see if this journey could be exactly what you need.

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Personalised Yoga class
for you or your community

I offer private and group yoga classes, which are built based on your or your groups interests, goals and needs.

Class can include guided mindfulness practices, movement flow through a series of postures, breathing techniques, meditation and / or a calming relaxation practice. Class can be invigorating modified astanga vinyasa style or slow and recovering Yin, Restorative practice or mix of all above. This we will define during our free consultation call together. Full range of variations will be offered to support in building effective personal practice.

Classes can be held online, in London at home or studio.
Personalised private or group class is a great way to try yoga first time or deepening your existing practice.

Book a free consultation call to ask anything & schedule a class.

Laptop and Paperwork

Impactful Seminar Series 
for better
 Energy Levels at Work

Experiencing rising amount in sick days? Looking to improve your team's wellbeing, energy levels and restfulness at workplace and beyond? I'll teach you methods to reduce stress, optimize energy and enhance mental clarity. You'll learn about the nervous system, science of stress, types of burnout & how to optimize your daily life for better energy to take on whatever the day may bring. Through science-based practices & methods, we'll explore techniques achieve better work-life-rest balance. Series contains intro seminar + 3 interactive workshops.

Say goodbye to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and hello to increased productivity & focus.

Contact to book a free consultation call for all the questions

& to set a schedule for the seminar dates.

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