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The Rocket® Vinyasa series

The Rocket® sequences are inspired by the classical Ashtanga Vinyasa series. It is a combination of energising tempo and sequence, suitable for all level students.

These are joyful and active sequences offering challenge for those who seek it and space to let go and flow. Rocket is playful and beautiful way to build strength and same time connect with child within.

During the class I offer different variations, encouraging you to listen and honour your body and practice. The Rocket is designed to wake up the nervous system, feeding it with precious life energy and supporting with the free and fun flow of movement. 


Rocket I has its focus on the legs, shoulders, and abs. Be ready to move a bit faster and get a lot stronger. The poses are from Ashtanga Vinyasa's first and second series.

Rocket II uses the poses from the first three Ashtanga Vinyasa series, focusing on the strength poses, back bending, and hip opening.

Rocket III is practiced usually on Fridays and is called Happy Hour all over the world to celebrate the week. It contains all the poses used in the Rocket system. 

Restorative and Yin Yoga

It is a perfect complement to stressful life period, or the more active yang styles of yoga like ashtanga vinyasa yoga, that I offer.


Yin yoga in its essence gives you the possibility to relax, surrender, enjoy the present moment and accept everything that comes up as it is. By remaining still, your muscles will slowly relax allowing the practice to reach deeper levels of your body, targeting the connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Yin yoga balances the nervous system, can increase flexibility and ease lower back pain.

All poses are held from 2-6 minutes.


Restorative Yoga is a slow and meditative practice that is suitable for everyone.

You will be using bolsters, blocks, and blankets to fully support the body, triggering its natural relaxation response. As the body is supported, it is suitable practice to recover from trauma allowing space for rest and digest. Beneficial for recovery and healing, supports better good night sleep. All poses are held for 6-15 minutes each. 

For the class, you can wear something warm and cozy, as it's normal, that the body temperature is cooling during the session. For home / online practice you can use items from your home, so no special yoga equipment is necessary.

Modified Primary Series

This class has a slower tempo and more of a focus on the postures, holding the space for each and every student to find their own variation and therefore as a practice it is more accessible as e.g. building strength while recovering from injury.


Modified Primary Series (MPS) is based on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The sequence includes warming the body with sun salutations, practicing balancing with standing poses and grounding in seated postures. This class introduces you to the invigorating breathing and movement techniques specific to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Seated meditation and/or finishing sequence will conclude the practice with deep relaxation; savasana. 

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